Friday, November 30, 2012

World Run Day

Written: 11/24/12

*I've been sick for the past few weeks with a horrible sinus infection. If nasal secretions were valuable I'd be a BILLIONAIRE!!! I finally went to the doctors this past Monday...not because I was sick though. I had an appointment set up for my monthly weight check...which didn't go well. : ( He put me on antibiotics and an antihistamine and I'm hoping that I am finally feeling better.
I'm one day shy of not having run in two complete weeks!!! When you can't breath out of your nose and it feels like your head is about to pop you can't really run. Plus my husband was gone for an entire week for hunting so I used whatever energy I could muster to keep the kids alive on my own. *Single Moms out ROCK!!! I have no idea how you do it!!!*


I FINALLY ran on Tuesday night. I used my treadmill for the first time and I completely understand why Katie at Runs for Cookies calls it a "dreadmill"!!! I only ran a mile and I was SLOW!!! Of course I have no idea if the treadmill is at all accurate on its distance or speed...which is I might not have been that much slower than normal. I'm going to have to figure out something to 'do' while running on the treadmill because staring at my basement wall is just not going to cut it!!! I'm so angry with myself for not having run in two weeks because I felt like I was going to die after just one mile!!!

I have a 5k race coming up this Saturday and I'm dreading my pace and time! I'm going to try not to worry about it because its a fun run. The registration fee includes a five piece Santa suit and everyone runs in them. A couple of my friends are doing it at well so I should be able to just have fun and not try to be competitive with myself. I'll be sure to get a picture of me in the Santa suit to share with you.

Way back when I last posted I had promised to show you a picture of the pumpkins I carved after David had carved his. Well, he never carved his so I'll share a picture of the pumpkins I carved. The two in the middle are my sons pumpkins. They drew the faces they wanted on the pumpkin and then I just carved it out. I did scale Jacob's up because he had drawn a tiny face in the middle of that huge pumpkin.

Left to Right: My pumpkin, Jacob's, Nathan's, and Isabel's.

The day before Halloween the boys had their friend Brooklynn over to make this Halloween cookie scene that Nathan saw in the Schwan's Food Service holiday catalog. I think it turned out pretty cute.

Total sugar coma waiting to happen!
On Sunday November 11th I participated in World Run Day by running a 5k distance at a trail near my house with a few friends. I realized just how slow of a runner I am! My friends, J and T (super sweet married couple), ran along with me. T has been suffering from an injury that has caused him to not be able to run for quite some time and J got a super bad side cramp shortly after we started running. Even injured it still seemed like they were struggling to go as slow as me. J was even WALKING alongside me at one point while I was RUNNING! Once I get back into a regular running routine I'm really going to have to work on speeding it up a little.

I've got some pretty famous friends, right? lol I asked my J to tell me her favorite male and female celebrities and this is who she told me. : D haha

As you can see I haven't been up to much the past few weeks. Hopefully I'll have more health and fitness related things going on soon to write about. I'll try not to wait so long to post again and I'm going to try and catch up on all of my favorite blogs that I have been neglecting as well.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Running Update

*I started writing this post on Sunday*

I'm thinking I'm going to just plan on only posting once a week from now on. That seems to be about how long I'm going in between posts anyways. Then any additional posts will be surprising extras!

This week was CRAZY and I again did NOT run!!! Sunday was the first day that I ran since the previous SUNDAY!!! RIDICULOUS!!! I really didn't even want to go...and I mean SERIOUSLY didn't want to go! However, I knew that part of that was simply because it had been 7 days since I ran last. The longer I go without running the more I don't want to go out for that next run, but I made myself go. I didn't plan on doing the 2.75 miles that I had "scheduled" though. I didn't want to have a horribly crappy run like I did the last few times because of having so many "rest" days in between....but of course my husband had to chime in that I should go for the full 2.75 miles. Ugh...why can he never just agree with me??? I'm not sure if he's intuitive enough when it comes to my thought process to know that I will do one of two things when he tells me what he thinks I should do. 1) I'll do the complete opposite of what he suggests or just completely ignore his advice; or 2) I'll do exactly what he suggests because I figure he doesn't think I'll actually listen to him so I want to prove that I can do it! Today I opted to listen to him and prove to him (and myself) that I could do it. I kept my pace slower than normal (or so I thought) and surprisingly I didn't feel like I was going to die afterwards! I was REALLY tired at the end...but it didn't take forever to recover like has been happening after my most recent past runs. Shockingly...I was even a little bit FASTER than my previous couple runs!!!

Since I wasn't planning on doing the whole 2.75 miles I didn't use my C25K workout I have programmed into my Garmin so I have splits for every mile instead of just one for the entire 2.75.

Here are the splits from my last couple promised. Be sure to just look at the average pace from Lap 2 in each of these splits to compare to the 14:13 time I had was the first time that I didn't have a warm-up walk before hand. I did walk a little ways as a cool down (because I had to get back to my house) but I just decided not to count that.

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