Monday, January 30, 2012

100 Things That Make Me Happy

This was another idea stolen from katie at Runs for Cookies. I'm so glad I did it. I've been pretty stressed out and upset lately with how certain things are going in my life. Mainly the effects of other peoples actions on me. I'm really bad about letting things that I can't control get to me. This list helped me get into a better mind set. I hope you'll make a list too.

These are NOT in order of what's most important (well the first three are) because I just wrote them down as they popped into my head. Didn't take very long.

1. Jacob \
2. Nathan ) My kids...I had to give them each their own space. : )
3. Isabel /
4. Pajama pants
5. Ice cream
6. HOT showers
7. Taking pictures
8. Filing paperwork Not my own : )
9. Counting money
10. Babies onesies
11. Movies
12. Book club
13. Ashley & Reese
14. Kari
15. Hardcover books Everything about them...the cover art, the pages, the smell...I love turning pages...DOWN WITH E-READERS!!!
16. Daydreaming
18. Staying up late
19. The smell of the seasons
20. 80's music
21. My kids telling me "I love you Momma" randomly throughout the day
22. Jacob telling me "Momma, your pretty."
23. Isabel's cooing
24. Nursing my babies Isabel is the only one nursing right now...just to be clear. ; )
25. A cloudless sky
26. Rainbows
27. Hot celebrity men
28. When my husband laughs at my jokes This rarely happens
29. My Grandpa
30. Spending time with my extended family
31. Giving gifts
32. Saving money by using coupons
33. Swimming
34. Dancing
35. Singing
36. Typing
37. Keeping memorabilia Read: Holds onto ANYTHING that I feel holds sentimental value.
38. When the kids are getting along
39. The silly things kids say
40. Going into book stores
41. Twilight ...and I don't mean the time of day. ; )
42. March of Dimes
43. Animals
44. Flowering trees Especially pink ones
45. Fall leaves
46. When Jacob dances
47. When Nathan sings
48. When the kids recite movie lines
49. My children's eyes They all have VERY blue sparkly eyes
50. Making my husband "fly away" Explanation: I'll flap his ear with my finger and he'll pretend like its making him fly away. Silly I know, but I think it's funny
51. Telling David to say the word commercial because he says it funny
52. Funny commercials
53. Kids 2 piece fitted p.j.'s
54. Finding a great sale
55. Going to a midnight movie premiere
56. Talking with friends
57. People magazine
58. Kissing big baby cheeks
59. Taking videos of my kids
60. Waterfalls
61. How the sky looks as the sun sets
62. Seeing a baby who walks really young They look so adorable toddling around
63. Taking a nap
64. Completing a task
65. Roller coasters
66. Smelling my kids hair
67. Putting stuff together Example: A crib or bookshelf that needs to be assembled
68. Throwing birthday parties
69. Water balloon fights
70. Surprising people
71. Baby animals
72. Being an aunt
73. Chewing gum
74. The color blue
75. A full moon on a clear night
76. Wrapping a square/rectangular shaped gift
77. Star gazing
78. Crime solving shows CSI (the original Las Vegas) and CRIMINAL MINDS I love you Spencer Reid
79. Uplifting Christian music Michael W. Smith, Third Day, Casting Crowns, Mercy Me
80. Cooking a new recipe
81. Coca-Cola Classic I've always been a Coke person, but during my first pregnancy I CRAVED it bad, and now its like a drug for me whenever I have it
82. Feeling my baby kick in the womb
83. Saying my birth date 3/3/83
84. Robert Pattinson Need I say more?
85. Veggie Tales
86. Looking at houses for sale
87. Craft stores
88. When people tell me how cute my kids are
89. An undisturbed snowy yard/field
90. Being at my Grandpa's house
91. 80's movies
92. That I can count on my friend Kristin to do any fun thing with me on short notice NKOTBSB Concert last summer and Nickelback this coming April...can't wait!
93. Full book shelves
94. Psychology
95. Being a mother
96. That I get to stay home with my kids
97. A clean house I rarely have one, so that's probably why it makes me so happy when I do have one : )
98. facebook
99. Making plans
100. The smell of burning leaves

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  1. I have so many thoughts to comment on this post! I will choose one for now - #50 made me laugh so hard out loud, I had to explain to Mr. Gosling what was happening. I hope to witness this happen one day.