Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Santa Run Race Report

*Started writing this post on 12/2/12*
I was dreading this race when I got up this morning. Mainly because I've hardly ran in the last several weeks, but I was also worried about how it would be to run in a Santa suit. The weather was suppose to be pretty mild so I wasn't sure what I should wear since I knew I'd be putting the Santa suit over it. I ultimately decided to wear pants and my UA cold gear shirt because it hadn't warmed up that much by the time I was leaving.
My neighbor and my friends T and J (aka Ellen and Ryan...btw T was disappointed...he said he wanted to be Brad time T) did the race too. I made sure to get there early so that I could pick up my Santa suit. I had forgotten that I also ordered a hoodie sweatshirt, so that was a sweet bonus!!! The suit was so cheaply made that it was falling apart as I was trying to put it on...and it was WAY too big. They had said to order a size bigger because they run small. I guess I didn't take my weight loss into account because I was swimming in it! I'm not going to complain about that!

I lost my friends and neighbor as soon as the race started and within the first half mile my belt broke and fell off and my pants were falling down. I was able to get my pants to stop falling but my Santa coat kept flying open throughout the race. I have to be honest and say that I walked most of it. I am so off with my training that I was just happy to finish! I finished in 43:00 which I was thinking was an awesome time (I'm pretty sure it would've been a PR) until I saw that it wasn't anywhere near a full 5k course. My Garmin said I had gone 2.84 miles...and I made sure to check the route that the GPS picked up when I got home and it was accurate. It wasn't a timed event so its not a huge deal...but its a real bummer when you first expect to do poorly...then think you actually did really good...only to find out that you actually did even worse! lol

Don't I look thrilled? I'm actually smiling but doesn't that suit look like a karate uniform gone horribly wrong? lol
All of the red was a little overwhelming, but it was so cool to see so many people dressed the same.
I was too slow to get a good picture but if you look into the far distance you can see that the street area is nothing but red.
I had to make sure I got some shots of me dressed as Santa for my kids. They didn't come because they would've gotten cold waiting around for me...and I'm pretty sure it was more because my husband didn't want to try and watch all three of them amongst the crowd.


My cousin had her baby shower a few weeks ago and we have been pretty tight on cash so I couldn't do my 'usual' baby shower gift which is a laundry basket FULL of baby essentials...diapers, wipes, soap, lotion, powder, gas drops, baby Q-Tips, etc. I did buy a few essentials...but I decided to try my hand at crocheting an owl hat. I've seen pictures of newborn babies wearing only an owl hat and thought they were just adorable. My cousin loved it and after posting a picture of the hat on my facebook page along with an adult size owl hat I made for my husband (at HIS request) I started getting people asking me if I would make them one and they would PAY me!!! So I've gotten a couple orders and have been crocheting my little fingers off! I had been planning to open my own etsy shop next fall but I'm ok with making a little extra money now!

Owl Hat Pattern Created by Sarah Zimmerman

Newborn owl hat...first attempt ever. :)
Adult size hat I made my husband.
Adult hat pattern can be found here.

Here's two of the ordered hats I just made.
Newborn size
Adult size
I haven't run size Saturday...I NEED to! Just trying to figure out how I can trudge through another run on the treadmill! Any suggestions?