Saturday, February 23, 2013

Nothing New...really

I'm still sick...or I should say sick again! I had a bad cough for a little over a week and was feeling almost completely better for a day and then last night I suddenly started getting really congested. I can barely breathe out of my nose...snot is pouring eyes are constantly watering, and there is so much pressure in my head I wish I could pop it!

So needless to say I have not been able to get back to my exercising yet. I'm getting very frustrated with my health and my lack of weight loss. I know that a lot of things are within my control so the only person I can blame for those things is myself...but I can't stop myself from getting sick. I have been sick almost constantly since winter started...really my whole family has been. I'm sure it has a lot to do with Jacob now being in all day kindergarten and Nathan going to preschool...but man...can't we catch a break??? I'm thinking that I might be getting so sick more often is because of the medication I am on for my MS. Part of its whole purpose is to weaken the immune system so that my body won't attack itself which is essentially what MS is all about...your immune system attacking yourself.

I turn thirty next Sunday, March 3rd. I have so many mixed emotions about it. I'm pissed at myself because since I've been overweight I've always said to myself that I KNEW I would be back to a "normal" weight by the time I was thirty. Yet here I am a week shy of my thirtieth birthday and still 222 lbs.!!! I'm trying to look on the bright side and am focusing my energies on looking (and hopefully feeling) my best for my birthday. I am horrible with fashion and while I can appreciate someone's well put together outfit I've never been able to do it myself. Whether it be because I don't feel I should waste my time because I'm so overweight or more I portably that I just don't have the money to put together outfits. I've been on Pinterest looking up plus size outfits and have really been having fun looking at everything. I'm hoping to go shopping some day this week to pick out an outfit that can pull double duty. David and I are going to a wedding on the I need an outfit I can wear to the wedding but then also wear it for whatever we do for my birthday. I know David is cooking something up...because I've basically told him over the last five years at least that he was required to throw me a surprise birthday party for my thirtieth. I guess it's not truly a surprise because I know he's planning something but oh well. :)
I'll be sure to post a picture of whatever outfit I come up with. If I can't be skinny for my birthday I might as well be a put together chunky girl.

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  1. Sorry your sick! When I first started working with kids I was always sick! So it is very likely you are picking up things from your family, but next year you should not get nearly as sick.

    I was think if I just stuck with my weight loss I could be done by now and not still overweight!

    Happy early Birthday!